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Post  Admin on Wed Jun 08, 2016 1:21 am

Okay guys firstly, welcome to our forum.

Here are a few rules to make our community a friendly and safe community so everyone feels welcome.

1. Respect other members opinions - rudeness and individual attacks will not be tolerated
2. Indecent images and offensive langauge is not acceptable in posts or anywhere around the forum
3. Avoid spamming (2 or more USELSS posts in a row without other member posts in between).
4. When posting an image or article, include the URLor a courtesy message - We don't plagiarise here.
5. Any rare magazine scans or images we have here should not leave here - members work hard to find these
6. Only one account per member, Multiple accounts for one member are not permitted!
7. Advertising is prohibited (Products, Other forums, websites) - however you may include a url in your signature if you wish!

What is useful is decided solely by the admin staff - some examples of useless posts are: One worded posts, simple lol's or lmao's etc

About posting:
1. We're not very strict on this - but try to stay in topic and not veer off too much
2. Check once, twice and even three times before you open a movie/star thread - it might already exist!

Fanfiction rules:
1. Don't spam the fanfiction area with useless threads - If you are starting a fic, continue it, end it and start a new one.
2. You may have one, two or even three fanfics running at once but if you start a thread you have to start updating that fic within a week, if you are not ready to post your first chapter up in a week, don't start a thread - it's spam!
3. Due to exclusion and favouritisms we are now forth banning the use for forum members as characters in Fanfics. These are fictions about our fave stars (otherwise it is not a fanfiction but just a story - stories are allowed in the section but no members in stories), not about us or our friends.

If you have any queries, ask an admin or a moderator and they will gladly help you as soon as possible. Even if its something we've said before (elsewhere on some other thread) don't be afraid to ask Very Happy

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